Elaine back on ABC Radio for one night only and here’s what happened.

Elaine was interviewed by Melanie Tait of the Evenings programme of ABC Radio Tasmania. The interview was pre-recorded at 4pm on Thursday 8th of Dec. 2016 and was broadcast later that night. Elaine said that it was strange to be back in her old ABC studio sitting in front of the very same microphone and pushing buttons and sliding faders just like old times.

Melanie was warm with an infectious sense of humour and had obliviously done her homework, having read Ghosts Royal with great enthusiasm. After the interview was in the bag Melanie and Elaine spent ages discussing books and authors (sadly not recorded), both agreeing that Alan Bennett’s “The Uncommon Reader” was a definite inclusion on their short lists.

This interview has been edited to remove two songs and other extraneous material. It starts with Melanie promoting the upcoming interview.

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